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Yingli plans to actively defend US anti-dumping accusations

Yingli plans to actively defend US anti-dumping accusations

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According to Reuters, Yingli Green Energy announced today that it is currently evaluating the trade complaints against seven Chinese solar panel makers against Chinese competitors (including Yingli). Plan to make a positive defense.

On Wednesday, seven U.S. solar manufacturers asked the U.S. government to impose a tariff of more than 100% on Chinese-made solar photovoltaic cells. The reason is that these Chinese products have depressed the prices of U.S. domestic products and caused Americans to lose their jobs.

Yingli Company stated: "We would like to remind everyone that this allegation clearly represents a unilateral view and a one-sided view. ”

Earlier today, the China Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce made a counterattack against the US anti-dumping allegations and warned the United States not to adopt such trade protection measures, which would damage the global economy. Suntech Power also condemned the allegation.

Yingli's 10% revenue in 2010 comes from the United States, the company said: "We are full of confidence in our market position, we will actively defend against this accusation, and we will continue to participate in the US market for a long time."

The solar energy products suppliers led by Suntech Power, Yingli and Trina Solar control 40% of the global solar market.

Since this year, Yingli's share price has fallen by 62%. The company's stock price closed at $3.75 on Thursday.