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Spain: SANJOSE plans to build 9 MW photovoltaic plant

Spain: SANJOSE plans to build 9 MW photovoltaic plant

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SANJOSE obtained a contract to build a 9-megawatt solar photovoltaic farm in Spain. The electric field costs 9 million euros and construction is expected to begin this year.

The solar photovoltaic farm consists of polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels with a total efficiency of 374,000 and 14.3% efficiency, 16 three-phase 500 kilowatt inverters and eight 1250 kVA reformed silicon wafers. The photovoltaic field is located in the Navarra Chartered Community.

SANJOSE is also responsible for the related evacuation routes and transformation of substations for 10 MWA solar photovoltaic power stations with a 20/66 kV retrofit ratio.

It is expected that the photovoltaic farm will produce 12 GWh of electricity each year, and this contract was awarded by the investment group OPDE.