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Italy's solar installations increased to 12.5GW in 2011 or cut again

Italy's solar installations increased to 12.5GW in 2011 or cut again

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On October 20th, 2011, Valerio Natalizia, chairman of the industry agency GIFI, stated that by the end of 2011, Italy’s total installed PV capacity is expected to increase to 12-12.5GW, but the growth rate will slow down next year. "So far, our installed capacity has far exceeded 11 GW, and it may reach 12-12.5 GW by the end of the year. Next year, the number of new installed capacity will decrease, about 2.5-3 GW. ”

Since 2007, the Italian government has introduced a high rate of on-grid tariffs, and the Italian market has become the second largest market after Germany. In May this year, the government cut subsidies to ease the burden on consumers' electricity costs.

The Italian energy service agency GSE also stated that the installed capacity of the Italian photovoltaic system has exceeded 11 GW, and about 288,000 solar power plants have been put into operation. The total annual subsidy cost is about 4.9 billion euros.

In September, Valerio Natalizia had expected Italy's 2012 new PV installation capacity to be 3-3.5 GW. The reason for this reduction was mainly due to restrictions on the land required for installation projects and the introduction of a registration scheme for large-scale power plant projects.

The government introduced measures to limit subsidies for large-scale photovoltaic projects and introduced a registration mechanism, saying that these measures can limit speculation activities in the solar market. Operators said that the registration mechanism will only be more complicated for project approval.

Valerio Natalizia and another industry source stated that the government plans to make more adjustments to the subsidy policy for solar power generation, which includes a new bill on economic development aimed at further slowing the market growth rate.

Claudio Andrea Gemme, president of the Italian Institute of Electricians (ANIE), said that according to the draft bill, the subsidies paid to solar power producers in southern Italy with better sunshine conditions will be the same in the north, which means that the feed-in tariff for southern Italy will be lowered. standard.

Claudio Andrea Gemme pointed out: "This is not fair. The current subsidy mechanism has just been implemented for several months. This industry needs stability." "He is concerned that changes in the subsidy policy may cause investors and operators in the Italian market to lose confidence and it is difficult for banks to provide loans for solar projects."

Although the subsidy has just been adjusted downwards, the on-grid price subsidy standard in the Italian market is still generous, attracting the world's top PV module manufacturers, such as China's Suntech, Trina, Yingli, and the United States' First Solar and SunPower.

Valerio Natalizia said that the current draft bill has not yet been approved by the government, and it does not contain any advice on the adjustment of the subsidy standard, nor does it have a timetable. The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on October 18 that there is not enough money to implement this development bill.