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Ministry of Commerce: The United States has a double loss for China's solar cell "double reverse"

Ministry of Commerce: The United States has a double loss for China's solar cell "double reverse"

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On October 19th, several solar cell and panel manufacturers in the United States filed an application with the US Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission, requesting anti-dumping and countervailing investigations of Chinese solar cells (boards) exported to the United States. Yesterday, the person in charge of the Bureau of Import and Export Fair Trade of the Ministry of Commerce pointed out in an interview with this reporter that he hoped that the U.S. government would abide by its opposition to trade protectionism and avoid taking relevant measures.

The person in charge said that the United States is also investing in the largest scale of renewable energy in order to promote and promote the use and development of clean energy in the country. It has also formulated relevant promotion measures and policies, and the United States will adopt a new Energy and Climate Act. The United States has no reason to accuse other countries of its efforts to improve the human environment. It should, together with other countries, strengthen cooperation in the solar energy field and jointly address the challenges of climate and the environment.

The responsible person stated that a recent research report sponsored by the American Solar Energy Industry Association showed that the U.S. export amount of solar cell (board) production equipment and raw materials far exceeds the amount of solar cells (boards) imported from China by the United States, achieving 18.8. Billion dollar trade surplus. If China's solar cell (plate) products cannot continue to be exported to the United States because of the taxation measures adopted by the United States, it will inevitably greatly affect the export of relevant US production equipment and raw materials to China. The result is a double-loser, which will adversely affect the economic and trade interests of the two countries. influences.